Dirty Water

Efforts to provide access to clean water have been ongoing since the beginning of civilization. In the United States however, the industrial revolution which led to a boom in population and pollution is what pressured local governments and private companies to spring into action to provide clean water. in 1755 the first public waterworks was […]

My Life – One Cup at a Time

Exploring the Data Earlier in 2019, A large study was released regarding coffee consumption and its health benefits and risks. Research of 347,077 subjects showed that 5 cups of coffee a day is in fact, the magic number. Drinking 5 cups a day can reduce ones risk of heart failure, stroke, and even death. Drinking […]


Throughout history, there have been many epidemics that have plagued the populous of great cities. One example of such a pandemic has been the AIDS virus. AIDS, otherwise defined as Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome, took hold of the U.S. population in 1981. Since its peak in the mid 1980’s, and with the first FDA approved protease […]